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The Future of Heating: A Strategic Framework for Low Carbon Heating in the UK


Published, 2012. Built upon the predication set out in the UK government’s 2011 Carbon Plan that to meet the 2050 carbon emissions reduction target would require near zero emissions from buildings and up to a 70% reduction in industrial emissions – the majority of which are heat related. This set out for the first time a “framework for solving the problem of ensuring there is affordable, secure and low carbon heating” to transition away from natural gas which was responsible for 70% of all heat.

“It set out a vision of our energy future: a future with secure supplies of low carbon and renewable energy at affordable prices, supporting a strong UK economy.”

The Strategic Framework asked questions to industry which led to offers to help refine the government's thinking. Government then worked closely with a variety of sectors to refine it, resulting in The Future of Heating: Meeting the Challenge”

The Future of Heating: Meeting the Challenge

Low Carbon Pioneer Cities Heat Networks Project

London Decentralised Energy Project Delivery Unit

Heat Network Delivery Unit

Heat Network Investment Programme

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