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Since 2014 the Initiative has been building awareness, sharing best practices and developing new methodologies and trainings. In this section you can find these Resources relevant at the global level including presentations in global fora and conferences, webinars, global publications, global training modules as well as our progress reports and communication materials. We also develop material tailored to each pilot country which can be found in Country Resources.

Global publications

The Initiative has authored and co-authored numerous publications as part of its goal to raise awareness of district energy and share best practices on technology, policy, business models and financing. The latest global publications can be found below. Publications relating to countries can be found in Country Resources

DES Publication copy.jpg

District Energy in Cities: Unlocking the Potential of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy published in 2015 was among the first to provide concrete policy, finance and technology best practice guidance on addressing the heating and cooling sectors in cities through energy efficiency improvements and the integration of renewables using district energy systems. The recommendations were developed in collaboration with 45 champion cities, all of which use modern district energy. This report was the first to consolidate data on the multiple benefits that cities, countries and regions have achieved through the use of modern district energy, in an effort to support evidence-based policy recommendations and to raise awareness of the significance of the heating and cooling sectors, which have been insufficiently addressed in the climate and energy debate. The publication concludes with a comprehensive global methodology for local governments to integrate district energy into their cities. Authors: UN Environment, ICLEI, C2E2, UN Habitat. The full report has been translated into Chinese and French and the Executive Summary is available separately in English and Spanish

Building Efficiency and DES.jpg

Aligning District Energy and Building Energy Efficiency published in September 2018 as a joint publication by the Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA) and the District Energy in Cities Initiative, two initiatives under Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL). The report's aim was to support all public authorities and agencies developing and implementing integrated approaches to both energy efficiency in buildings and district energy supply. The report specifically focuses on the City of Belgrade, Serbia, a pilot city of both Initiatives and provides guidance to decision-makers in Belgrade, while presenting universal recommendations to align district energy and energy efficiency in buildings. Authors: Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE), Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency, UN Environment

C40-UNEP copy 2.jpg

Good Practice Guide - District Energy published in 2016 as a joint publication of UN Environment and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. C40 have developed a series of Good Practice Guides in areas critical for reducing GHG emissions and climate risk. The guides provide an overview of the key benefits of a particular climate action and outline successful approaches and strategies cities can employ to effectively scale up these actions. These Guides are based on the experience and lessons learned from C40 cities and on the findings and recommendations of leading organisations and research institutions engaged in these areas. This guide draws from the research and findings of the UNEP report, District Energy in Cities: Unlocking the Potential of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and focuses on the key elements to successfully deliver district energy, with a survey of best practices leading to better economic, social, and environmental outcomes for cities.

Case studies

The recommendations and best practices that the Initiative promotes globally were developed in collaboration with champion cities, universities, expert organisations, national governments and our partners. The Initiative has accrued numerous case studies which we are continuously updating, these case studies can be accessed below. Further, the Discover District Energy section of this wiki unpacks these can studies and links them with our specific recommendations

Webinars and Recordings

Clicking the links below will take you to the video and associated presentations (where available)

Global Training Modules

As a basis of the Initiative’s approach each pilot city is offered early training and support on specific modules of the Initiative's Global Methodology for developing district energy in a city. These trainings have been delivered based on international best practices combined with local expertise. and resulting from these trainings we have developed the below training modules.

Global Presentations

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Progress Reports

Communication materials