District Cooling in the Global South

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Recorded 10 April 2019 as episode 1 in the Webinar Series - In Focus: District Cooling

In this webinar we hear from the Initiative’s cities and partners from Egypt, India and China on their ongoing and successful district cooling projects and their perspectives on scaling-up district cooling in the Global South.

This webinar seeks to dispel the myth that district cooling is only viable in highly developed countries. On the contrary, the cost savings, environmental benefits and power sector resilience that comes from district cooling are hugely important to countries across the Global South, many of which are experiencing exponential cooling demand growth.


  • Mr Benjamin Hickman, Regional Technical Advisor, Asia & Europe, District Energy in Cities Initiative, UN Environment
  • Mr. Jianping Fu, Shenzhen Qianhai Energy Investment Development Co. Ltd
  • Mr. Gaurang Patel, Deputy General Manager, Gujarat International Finance Tec (GIFT) City
  • Dr. Alaa Olama, Head, Permanent Committee writing the Egyptian District Cooling Code

PDFs of presentations

The webinar series, In Focus: District Cooling, was launched to explore tools cities have to meet a global surge in energy demand for cooling while benefiting the end-user, cutting air pollution, and reducing costs. This webinar series specifically focuses on district cooling, dispelling myths and shining a light on global best practices that diverse stakeholders can apply in their own cities and countries.