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Initiative launched its flagship publication “District Energy in Cities: Unlocking the Potential of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy”, pooling knowledge from 45 champion cities, as well as experts from across industry, finance, governments and NGOs. This publication was one of the first reports to provide concrete policy, finance and technology best-practice recommendations on developing district energy. This Virtual Platform allows us to unlock that publication, enabling its content to be easily accessible in a wiki format and to be updated with the Initiative's recent work and contributions from our growing partnership.

Introduction to District Energy provides an overview and basic strategies for planning and developing a system. The Technical and Socio-Eonomic toolboxes contain more in-depth knowledge and tools; the File:CELSIUS icon toolbox technical.png Technical Toolbox about technologies and recent research from efficient supply to smart use and optimised system integration; the File:CELSIUS icon toolbox social.png Socio-Economic Toolbox about end-user engagement, business models and policy. File:Ikon demonstrators.png Case Studies share experiences and give inspirations from demonstrators included in the CELSIUS project and case studies throughout the 20px CELSIUS Network.

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